Imagine taking an ordinary wide, shallow closet and transforming it into really useful office space. That’s what Outfits & Outings did here, and they show you the whole process along with step by step photos. Attractive floating shelves hold items you reach for often or want to display. On the side walls, pegboards hold scissors and buckets of pens and pencils and craft supplies. Measure the space and decide what size desk you want to fit into it. Your desk can be as simple as a painted board or a complex setup with drawers.

converting a closet to an office

These closet office ideas are no exception ticking the boxes for practicality, comfort and good looks. To be honest, converting your closet into office storage is a major undertaking. Mostly because the purpose is totally different in both areas. You need a clear vision and of course, crucial tools to get the job done.

Share a Closet to Make Everyone Happy

But what you can do instead is bring an ergonomic chair. These chairs are easily movable and support your posture all day long. Then, you must love writing down small ideas in front of you. Well, convert closet to office you don’t have to sacrifice that in this new Cloffice. Get a chalkboard and install it as the base of your office storage. Now, it would be ridiculous to bring a regular desk into the closet.

converting a closet to an office

You may be thinking you need a full-on, walk-in closet to do a closet-into-office reno. Even a small bedroom closet can be turned into a cute, functional workspace. If you don’t have an electrical outlet in the closet (and you don’t want to hire an electrician to add one), invest in a good power cord. Make sure the power strip has enough outlets for your computer power cord, your laptop charger, and any and all lights you’re planning to add.

Why you should make a closet workspace office

Hiring professionals is not your only option, though. If you have the equipment and experience, why don’t you design and create your own? Even for beginner woodworkers, creating closet shelving and cubbies usually make for a satisfying project. As popular as it is purposeful, the built-in closet office could be undertaken in several methods, no matter the closet design’s size.

  • If you need a home office space but don’t have a spare room, a spare closet can be a great solution.
  • The ability to leave it open to a room or close it off can be great for home office productivity.
  • This example shows a small desk, three shelves and several built-in filing and office supply containers.
  • Now, let’s talk about those of you dealing with really small or weirdly-shaped spaces.
  • Closets aren’t particularly known to be bright nor do they usually get a lot of natural light.

It’s got plenty of room for double monitors, and everything is covered in wood paneling. You’ll probably need some lighting and an electrical outlet installed. A desk is hands down the most important part of any office. If you’re transforming a coat closet, your biggest limiting factor will be the depth of the closet.

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